Preparing for your Skishoeing Adventure

Skishoeing is an exciting activity that many look forward to all year round. Enjoying the crisp outdoor air and taking in the beautiful snowy landscapes is the perfect way to spend a winter day. However, being ill-prepared can make this experience a little less enjoyable. We are providing a few things to remember before heading out in the snow!

Staying Physically Equipped

One way to make skishoeing more enjoyable is by increasing your overall fitness. While general physical ability is beneficial for all sports, snow sports can be a little more challenging due to the higher elevation and colder, thinner air. When conditioning yourself for this sport, make sure you are doing a lot of aerobic exercise to keep yourself from getting winded too quickly. Ensure that you have strengthened your arms, legs, and back to help with endurance, motion, and carrying a backpack. If you want to learn about the health benefits of skishoeing, check out our previous blog post.

Choosing the Right Attire

Although you will be outside in the frigid winter air, skishoeing can make you break a sweat very quickly. Maneuvering uphill and on difficult terrains will make your heartrate increase and cause your body to heat up. If you stop to rest or take a break to eat, your body will start to cool off again. The way to avoid these sudden changes in body temperature is by dressing in layers. Make sure you are bringing a backpack that’s large enough to hold some of your layers when they are not being used, along with your other necessities.

Avoiding Dehydration

One thing people tend to forget while playing in the snow is to stay hydrated. Dehydration is not only bad for your health, but it can affect your performance while skishoeing. Most people don’t drink while skishoeing, but keep in mind that you are exerting energy just like you would in any other physical activity. Also take into account that the caffeine in coffee and tea causes dehydration, so try to not drink those beverages the morning of. Remember to stuff a bottle of water in your backpack for occasions when you need a drink quickly.

Being properly prepared will make your next skishoeing adventure even better! Contact our team at Trackers Skishoes for more ways to help you be prepared.


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