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Descending on skishoes

One of the most common questions we get about Trackers Skishoes is how do you take them down hills. Can you turn them? Generally, no; most descents are done in straight-ahead fashion without making turns - in fact, we've dubbed it straight-line skiing. In almost all conditions, the width of the skishoes combined with the gliding crampons will slow you on descents and give you more stability as compared with cross-country skiing. This is especially true with crusty snow and powder. Generally, the harder the snow, the more the crampons will slow you, as they actually saw through ice and crust. Powder is inherently slow, so you'll float through that. Many of us dream of skiing in knee-deep powder at downhill ski resorts and live for powder days. Straight-line skiing through powder on skishoes gives you a similar thrill, so now you can dream of that. Five different scenarios exist, depending on the steepness of the terrain and snow conditions. For moderate conditions, which usual

Trackers Skishoes launches Kickstarter project

Exciting news: Trackers Skishoes launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding project on June 28, 2017. We started this to raise funds for producing skishoes for next season and also to build a prototype pair of longer skishoes. Here's a link to the project: Why use crowdfunding instead of more conventional types of funding? It serves a few purposes. For starters, companies can use it as a method of preselling their product. They can determine the quantities and models of products they need to produce and get the money in hand before they start the production process, allowing them to plan for it better. A major reason for using crowdfunding is that it brings together a community of passionate people who support your mission. They not only serve as customers, they can help determine your product line and design and the direction of your company. A crowdfunding project typically offers sever