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The Health Benefits of Skishoeing

The first frost has frozen and signs of winter are drawing near. For many of us, the winter months bring shorter days with less daylight for outdoor activities. Thanks to the myriad of winter weather sports, there are lots of options for fighting the winter blues, getting outside and breathing in that cool, refreshing air. Skishoeing, for example, is a fun outdoor adventure that comes with multiple health and fitness benefits.   Take your skishoes out for a spin and build strength, agility, balance, and endurance. The winter season can often be a time when people pack on a few extra pounds, but skishoeing will help you stay in shape through the winter months! Why use skishoes? Skishoes are so unique because they combine aspects from both skis and showshoes, while still being very different. Skishoes have a shorter and wider footprint than traditional cross-country skis, which makes adventuring in the thick forest and tight terrains a breeze. One of the real advantages to sk