The Health Benefits of Skishoeing

The first frost has frozen and signs of winter are drawing near. For many of us, the winter months bring shorter days with less daylight for outdoor activities. Thanks to the myriad of winter weather sports, there are lots of options for fighting the winter blues, getting outside and breathing in that cool, refreshing air. Skishoeing, for example, is a fun outdoor adventure that comes with multiple health and fitness benefits.
Take your skishoes out for a spin and build strength, agility, balance, and endurance. The winter season can often be a time when people pack on a few extra pounds, but skishoeing will help you stay in shape through the winter months!

Why use skishoes?

Skishoes are so unique because they combine aspects from both skis and showshoes, while still being very different. Skishoes have a shorter and wider footprint than traditional cross-country skis, which makes adventuring in the thick forest and tight terrains a breeze. One of the real advantages to skishoes is that they typically glide slower than cross country skis. This not only makes them easier to use, but it provides a stable feeling on steep terrain and areas that may not be completely covered in snow.

Get in a great workout 

Skishoeing is an excellent cross training sport for athletes who otherwise participate in running or bicycling, which cannot be easily done in the snow. It provides a wonderful cardiovascular workout that can be done while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Your body also has to work harder to keep you warm in the winter, which helps you burn even more calories. Skishoeing helps strengthen your quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. When you add in the use of poles, you will also work your arms, shoulders and back!

Enjoy the crisp air

Staying connected to nature can improve your overall sense of well-being and can help to reduce stress levels. Going outside in the winter is just as important as it is during the summer. Exposure to the crisp winter air can have a multitude of positive side effects, including reduced anxiety and increased relaxation. These aromas, especially pine trees, can be found on various different skishoeing trails! Skishoeing is an easily mastered activity, providing everyone with the opportunity to experience the endless benefits. Contact us at Trackers Skishoes for your own pair of skishoes so you can stay in shape all winter long!


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