A Weighty Issue

One comment we sometimes hear about Trackers is that they're heavy. For the record, one of our skishoes weighs about four pounds, meaning a pair weighs eight pounds. Compared to snowshoes, this is heavy. But compared to skis, it's not. Snowshoes are typically made of a tubular aluminum frame with webbing strapped between it, so they're inherently light weight.

It seems that people see our skishoe as looking like a snowshoe, so they expect it to weigh the same. But while we call it a gliding snowshoe, the skishoe is actually a ski platform. When people snowshoe, you notice that they walk in them, picking their feet up in pronounced fashion to clear the snow. I've noticed that some people do this when trying a pair of skishoes. But as you get more experienced with Trackers, you'll keep them on the snow more and ski them with the kick-and-glide stroke used in cross-country skiing. When you do this, you'll notice they feel much lighter and the weight is not such an issue.

Happy skishoeing!

Tom Gibson


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